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  • WIL - Recycling Plants
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Our technology is constantly evolving. All our solutions are comprised of best of breed recycling technology and are designed into the overall system based on the following principles:

Integrated components

We hand over a turn-key recycling system guaranteed to provide continuous service at full capacity as specified. All machinery components of the system have been adapted and fully integrated into a coherent system, allowing optimized production with minimum operator intervention.

Automated Processes

A typical recycling plant can be run with a staff of two operators per shift. From a computer console the foreman can monitor all parameters of the process, adjust capacities of each station, and execute emergency procedures.

Industrial strength and reliability

All equipment, from conveyor belts to shredders, grinders and processed rubber filling stations are dimensioned with ample safety margin over the specified capacity.

Reduced operational and maintenance costs

Productivity of a plant is affected greatly by the procedures required for maintenance of the systems. The length of shutdown time required to exchange expendable parts such as rotor blades has a huge impact on the resulting production costs. In WIL’s systems great care has been taken to minimize down-time and the number of parts that have to be kept in stock. Blades, for example, can be refurbished at the plant site with standard tools.

Quality of output

In WIL solution designs we place special emphasis on the purity of the material entering each processing phase. This greatly enhances the consistency of the output and the reliability of the processes.

Reduced production cycles

All steps in the process have been optimized so that the number of repetitive process cycles are kept at a minimum.

Proven reliability and safety

All our systems have been proven to be reliable in continuous full capacity operations for many years. Experiences gained during these production times have allowed us to minimize accident risks and fire hazards.


Let‘s pool our resources,
combining profitability with
environmentally friendly uses
of an innovative material.

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