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WIL draws on many years of hands-on experience in the tyre recycling business. Our know-how in the tyre recycling industry stems from being actively involved in tyre disposal, tyre shredding, rubber granulation, selling turn-key solutions and world-wide rubber product sales on a daily basis.

We specialise in processing scrap tyres for environmentally friendly applications and products. We avoid targeting End-of-Life-Tyres (ELTs) for energy recovery purposes. The rubber products fabricated at our own facilities as well as the tyre shredders and granulator systems our customers buy as complete recycling solutions are strictly intended for zero emission applications. The rubber derivative crumbs and powders produced at our customers’ waste tyre processing plants can be found in the construction sector, the sports facility sector, and the asphalt rubber sector. We help customers set up and run tyre processing machinery to produce moulded rubber products for applications in the automotive, as well as to provide a stable supply of high-tech cryogenically ground fine powders for chemical, paint, and other industries.


Let‘s pool our resources,
combining profitability with
environmentally friendly uses
of an innovative material.

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