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Every new customer who installs a WIL recycling solution at his facility will enter the fold of long term partners with common supply. Our focus is on evolving in the markets together with our operations partners.

Holistic solutions

Many installations today deliver less than satisfactory results because the production design has not been properly conceived for the particular conditions of the target location. The dimensions, costs, as well as the functional and technical layout of a successful granulation plant must take into account a number of important parameters. Having traded recycled rubber derivative products on world wide markets for over 10 years, WIL AG’ concept is that with each new recycling plant customer we aim to add a stable, economically viable supplier of predictable quality products to our list of approved vendors.

Market specific adaptation

In planning each new facility we evaluate all design options and make choices based on the customer’s budget, the raw material supply of used tyres, the factory site, and the markets we plan to feed with recycled rubber products. Our Business Plan for the site will contain a balance trade-off of the financial, technical, functional, and market relevant parameters of the project.


Continuous improvements of our process concepts and technology is a key factor of our success. Every rubber processing facility we install benefits from all the experiences we have gained on previous installations. Since conventional vendors of recycling equipment usually only deal with one particular aspect of the recycling value chain they cannot offer this broad know-how integrated into the overall system. Our technology is state-of-the-art, but we do not experiment with new concepts, equipment or process ideas that have not been well proven in a production environment.


Let‘s pool our resources,
combining profitability with
environmentally friendly uses
of an innovative material.

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